Web-site support plan 2


Web-site support plan 2

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Web-site support during one month  with plan 2 include:

Creation of a site in accordance with the requirements of search engines (SEO):

  • Creating a Semantic Core
  • Selection of a template
  • Adaptation of the template for the needs of the customer
  • Style Development
  • Placement of materials on the site


Technical support of the site:

  • Control of domain payment and hosting.
  • Daily control of the site for viruses.
  • Monitoring the availability of the site.
  • Correction of errors on the site.


Information support of the site:

  • Placement on the website of the information provided by the Customer;
  • Development of new components for the site (calculator, filter, sorting, etc.).
  • Add / delete sections on the site.
  • Edit page layout on the site.
  • Change the menu.
  • Adding new blocks.
  • Creating banners for the site.
  • Correction work with texts.
  • Development of recommendations for information content of the site (updating existing materials, adding new ones).
  • Optimization of photos. Reducing to an identical size optimized for display on the site. Embedding in html code using the gallery display function.
  • Integration of dynamic content (maps, etc.), incl. associated with minimal programming.